February 2nd 2024

** Added feedback system after images are processed in the job page. **

February 1st 2024

** Optimized code, reduced image processing times. **

January 6th 2023

** V3 is finally online and free to be tested! **

** Server migration completed. **

July. 26th 2022

- V1 and V2 are now free for everyone!

July. 8th 2021

- Maximum output resolution is now 4000x4000

Feb. 16th 2021

- Time-out problems have been fixed

Dec. 11th 2020

- AI Version 2 has been released!

Dec. 4th 2020

- AI Version 2: final test before release.

Oct. 26th 2020

- Wait times for high-res images have been drastically reduced.
- New AI models are now online! Three different levels of aggressiveness

Oct. 22nd 2020

- Testing new AI models with different levels of aggressiveness.

Oct. 18th 2020

- New network architectures currently under training.

Oct. 15th 2020

- Donation page added.
- Estimated wait time in the process page.
- Fixed a little bug in the management of RGB images.

Oct. 14th 2020

- Added support for single channel MONO images.

Oct. 13th 2020

- The first HIGH-RES version is online (up to 3000x3000 pixels)

Sept. 26th 2020

- Website is online, with 256x256 previews only! :D